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Chris Wray Takeaways

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, held a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray about misconduct in the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Here are FOUR Major Takeaways from that hearing that you may have missed:

FBI Agents Requested Gun Purchase Data from Bank of America Without Warrant

FBI agents have requested information from Bank of America on gun purchases, all done without a warrant.  Director Wray claimed no direct knowledge of these searches, but said the searches were legal and said that Bank of America and other organizations.  

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie commented that though the searches may have been legal, “they are not constitutional.”  Specifically, these searches constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

It is unclear if other banks have been targeted.  Bank of America voluntarily consented to give the purchasing data of their customers to the FBI without a warrant.

At Least 40 FBI Agents Were at Jan. 6th, Director Wray Refuses to “Speak to That Here”

Director Wray gave different answers about potential undercover agents on January 6th.  At first, he said he did not know, before confirming he did have information but could not share it. 

According to the House Oversight Committee, at least 40 undercover agents were present on January 6th.

Director Wray Condemns Anti-Catholic Memo

Director Wray condemned a field office memo labeling traditional Catholics as “radicals” and said there was an internal investigation but refused to commit to allow the House Oversight Committee to question 

Democrats Used Time to Bash President Trump

While Republicans focused on real issues with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Democrats used their time to attack President Trump every chance they got…except California Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a curious interest in Hunter Biden’s nude photos.


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