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Unintended Consequences

Chairman Michael Thompson has released an official statement regarding the upcoming planned protest from Labor & Democrat groups attacking Governor Ron DeSantis for protecting all Floridians from the unintended consequences of Joe Biden’s Open Border Policy:

“Unintended Consequences”

The Hard working people speaking out against Governor DeSantis immigration bill are just more victims of the Open Border Policy from the Biden Admin.

America is a welcoming country, no other country on the planet is more giving and caring then the USA 🇺🇸

If we didn’t have Open Borders, we wouldn’t have human and sex trafficking, we wouldn’t have the fentanyl crossing the borders and killing our citizens and youths.

We wouldn’t be losing American citizens to drunk driving, rape, theft, financial losses among other problems if not for open borders.

Biden is unwilling to protect the citizens of our country, but Governor DeSantis cares about our citizens and wants what’s best for Florida and all our residents.


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